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Courtland Morrison is known to be quiet, humble, and a hard worker. While in the military he used these skills and was promoted to Sergeant. Courtland has always had a love of writing. However, it wasn't until he attended Georgia Military College his passion for written word began to blossom. During his tours in Iraq, he used his love for writing to relieve his stress from combat and it allowed him to speak freely. It wasn’t long before his fellow soldiers had him writing notes of love for their significant others.

CA Morrison Publishing is the new company dedicated to inspiring others through poetry and spoken word. Our poems are customized to fit your individual need. We currently offer poems for greeting cards ( birthday, special occasions), announcements, birthdays, and proposals. Soon we will offer services for new authors.


When Courtland is not writing he likes to read, be around friends and family, listen to music, go to car events.


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