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Books by Courtland

First Steps is a debut book of poetry. Poetry is known for speaking about love, inspirational, and relationships. This book consists of those elements. The author writes with depth and from the heart. The author believes that when you write from the heart is like feeding your soul. So by writing this book, the author wants you to feel his experiences, joy, and feed your heart. The author wants to take you to another place mentally that will relax yet inspire you. Those elements of poetry are therapeutic to let your mind dream and heart to flow.


Publishing Date: 21 November 21, 2017


I enjoyed reading the poems in this book. I like how the poems were categorized based on subject. There were a few of the poems that were mesmerizing. My focus of those few were so deep, that as I read, my physical self-seemed to have left my current place, and gone to the settings of those poems. This book of poems was a great relaxer. I read the book before going to sleep after settling for the night. Overall awesome book!! Congratulations Courtland! ~Kenyatta Amazon Reviewer


Very inspiring plus I was station with him and he wrote for our company. He should have been wrote this book.

~Marlin Brown, Amazon Reviewer

Publishing Date : 5 May 5, 2018

My Path a continuation of my poetry. This book will delve into a soldiers mind, heartbreak of loss, dedication of family members and others. It allows you to rededicate your faith and to help others to do the same. Writing with depth and from the heart. The constant pursuit to inspire and let poetry be therapeutic to let your mind dream and heart flow.

 Publishing Date: 28 Feburary, 2019

My Thoughts is a poetry book  which allows the author to share is personal views on issues that affects everyone.  The author address’s issues such as racism, depression, pain, love, and loneliness. The author is being personal and letting people know what he feels daily; as he struggles with health and depression. His desire to have a relationship. He is acknowledging his dreams and nightmares and wearing it as a patch of honor for all to see.

Publishing date: 16 September 2020

Faith renewed is something all people go through. It does not matter what religion, ethnicity, or creed. We have doubt and go thru a period. Until something like a miracle happens and our faith comes back to us. I want you to feel a strength of hope, love, and renewed faith in your physical and spiritual life when you read these poems. Let it fill your soul and heart.


Publishing Date 7 September 2021


Blessings and promises is a book   with a lot of conversations with God. The author wants you to know that it is okay to speak openly about your faith. He also shares poems from his heart to those he has lost along the way.

Publishing Date 31January2022



The Definitive Collection is an anthology of poems from the author’s previous works. These poems come from First Steps, My Path, My Thoughts, Faith Renewed, and Blessings and Promises. These poems show his growth as a writer and poet.

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